(Theme also available in Normandy)

Take your children to a local's place and bake together something simple and memorable!

If you are more into walking and curious about meeting owners of "boulangerie" and else, go for the walking food tour!

Then, if you prefer seeing a professional to learn how to cook a "coq au vin", or a "boeuf bourguignon'... it's time to be serious and organised and pick the "cooking class with a pro"

Pastry Class for kids

Cannelés, financiers, macarons, meringues...

This class is for lovers of all sweet things, given by a French local amateur at her/his place

Bake and discover the wonder of classical recipes from the past with your kids.

What is more enjoyable than being gathered in a cosy place to cook with your family ?

The local teacher chooses easy recipes for you to be able to bake again once you are back home

Your kids will learn to be patient, it's a little bit the definition of French pastry....

Walking food Tours

Feed your body and soul

This tour is for foodies and Paris history lovers

Step 1 : Choose one of the three neighborhoods to visit : Montmartre, Le Marais, St Germain des Près.

Step 2 : Meet me for a walking tour in the neighborhood you picked and see a beautiful, romantic and hidden Paris with me. We will eat a few bites of sweet and savory specialties and meet the owners of the tasting shops... Want to know more ? Send me a message through the form in the menu !

Group size : from 1 to 6

Duration : 3h30 (tour + brunch)

Meeting place : Depends on the area you choose

Cooking Class with a Pro

Canard à l'orange, boeuf bourguignon, blanquette de veau, soufflé au fromage, Montblanc...

This class is for people in love with French cuisine

Learn to cook traditional main dishes and desserts to show-off in front of your friends and family after you have returned...!!!!

More seriously, take your time to see and understand how French recipes work, be ready to patiently follow the process of old cuisine step by step with a pro. 



Secrets & History

Work-out or not work-out

Music & Art

Group size : from 1 to 4

Duration : 3h

Meeting place : Depends on the availabilities of the host

Group size : from 1 to 4

Duration : 3h

Meeting place : Depending the availabilities of the host