Secrets & History

One woman. Several women... throughout the city of Paris.. Based on French History and fun facts, follow Mademoiselle to learn more about how women, whether they were Queens of France or Queen of hearts, used to live and how they had to manage to survive...

What is the oldest district of Paris ? How many districts can you find in here ? That is what you are about to know if you decide to book a History area tour !

Cocottes Tour

Mysterious ladies with unique fates...

This tour is for visitors who are curious to know more about the muted atmosphere of houses of pleasure

Meet me for a walk around old maladjusted locations and learn how to see their hidden signs. Look up, for instance, the building numbers above the main door... Nothing particular...? I can't wait to show you more... After this tour, we will have a coffee in a former house of pleasure, but do not worry, today it is a legal 5 star hotel.

Group size : from 1 to 6

Duration : 3h

Meeting place : Pickup at your hotel

Marie-Antoinette Tour

Walk in the steps of the most secretive Queen of France

A lot of legends remain around the iconic but mysterious wife of King Louis the XVIth... How can we separate what is real from gossip and pure myth? Did the Queen really advise the starving people of Paris to eat cake because they had no bread?

Get rid of your bias and enter into history to find out who this often misjudged Queen of France really was!

Group size : from 1 to 6

Duration : 3h30 (available from May to September only)

Meeting place : Pickup at your hotel

History area Tour

Find out the 3 main historical  arrondissements and pick yours for a walking tour in it !

Have you ever heard of Le Marais, Saint Germain des Près or even Montmartre ?

Those 3 very different parts of Paris are a big part in its history.

The atmosphere in each "arrondissement" is unique and timeless, you just have to choose the one which talks to you the most...

Group size : from 1 to 6

Duration : 3h30

Meeting place : Pickup at your hotel