Discover the splendor of an architectural style typical of French gardens! Come closer to learn more about Marie-Antoinette's guilty pleasure! Here you are! Immersed in the 1st tour... The second one will please your sweet tooth thanks to the smell of chocolate, golden pastries and crunchy pain aux chocolats still warm from the oven... No more clues, follow me!!!

Sweet Tour

Unleash your foodie side

This tour is for families, couples and friends.

The only requirement : being a foodie !

Mademoiselle Elliott proposes a sweet break in a traditional French bakery chosen for its exceptional home-made 'savoir-faire'. From the back-shop of a quality bakery to the backstage of a pastry-chocolate shop, for a moment you will be a tester, personal assistant or simply a spectator. Dedicated to food pleasure, this experience allows you to discover treasures from France and elsewhere, open your mind! It will end with a detox walk on the highest hill of Paris...

Group size : from 1 to 5

Duration : 3h30

Meeting place : Pickup at your hotel

A date with


Walk in the steps of the most secretive Queen of France

A lot of legends remain around the iconic but mysterious wife of King Louis the XVIth... How can we separate what is real from gossip and pure myth? Did the Queen really advise the starving people of Paris to eat cake because they had no bread?

Get rid of your biases and enter into history to find out who this often misjudged Queen of France really was!

Group size : from 1 to 6

Duration : 3h30 (available from May to September only)

Meeting place : Pickup at your hotel


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