A woman. Women... The beginning of feminism... Even if you are not fond of fashion, you know her... Gone almost 50 years ago, we still feel Gabrielle Chanel's glamorous presence floating in the staircase of her boutique, rue Cambon. On April 13th 1946, Marthe Richard's law ended prostitution in France. And yet, these places are still a curiosity for many... Women used their bodies to work and in spite of their low status in French society, some of them became rich businesswomen...

Cocottes, courtesans,

ladies of the night

Mysterious ladies with unique fates...

This tour is for visitors who are curious to know more about the muted atmosphere of houses of pleasure

Meet me for a walk around old maladjusted locations and learn how to see their hidden signs. Look up, for instance, the building numbers above the main door... Nothing particular...? I can't wait to show you more... After this tour, we will have a coffee in a former house of pleasure, but do not worry, today it is a legal 5 star hotel.

Group size : from 1 to 6

Duration : 3h

Meeting place : Pickup at your hotel

Mlle Chanel

by Mlle elliott

Fashion fades.

Only style remains the same.

This tour is for everyone. Come and share my passion for the most famous French woman

Follow me to meet the Parisian fashion designer, seeing her 1st boutique ever opened. Everything inside is well thought out and has a meaning. Gabrielle Chanel's requirements are still respected and applied. 

Group size : from 1 to 5

Duration : 3h

Meeting place : Pickup at your hotel


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