Develop your creative senses during these workshops! Whether you choose a walking tour + a brunch or the challenge of cooking a sweet recipe together, relax, you will learn things since you can also choose an area to visit... Kitchen boy or gourmet, what do you choose ? French Pastry class at a local place (mine ;) or Tour and brunch (my place again)

Pastry Class

Millefeuille, macarons, Saint-Honoré... 

This class is for amateurs of French pastries.

Meet me at my place to bake and discover the wonder of classical recipes from the past. So, be ready to dissect and understand the method of these dreamy pastries... A few days before the class, select a recipe you want to learn and I will be glad to teach you what you chose. Finally the D-day arrives, you will learn how to be patient, choose the appropriate ingredients and stuff your choux! You will be a real pastry chef for a moment and you will be able to do it again at home ;)

Group size : from 1 to 8

Duration : 3h

Meeting place : Montmartre

Tour & Brunch

Feed your body and soul

This tour is for foodies and Paris history lovers

Step 1 : Choose one of the three neighborhoods to see.

Step 2 : Meet me for a walking tour in the neighborhood you picked and see a beautiful, romantic and hidden Paris with me. Then, as a reward for having walked we will come back to my place and have a big homemade brunch.

Group size : from 1 to 10

Duration : 3h30 (tour + brunch)

Meeting place : Montmartre


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